Neurosky Mind Wave Starter Kit

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NeuroSky Mind Wave Starter Kit

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Product Description

Ever dreamt of having the ability to control things with the power of your mind? Yep, us too! So when we were told that there were apps and games that you could play simply by thinking (and with the use of a fancy headset) we were all ears! The Mind Wave Starter Kit is the first EEG headset with a sensor designed to measure brain wave signals which can be used to play games, increase cognitive ability, and generally give your brain cells a mental workout!

The MindWave Mobile headset transfers data via Bluetooth™ to wirelessly communicate with your computer and mobile devices (iOS and Android). By monitoring various brain waves, how much you are concentrating or meditating, and by how much your eyes are blinking, you are able to interact with over 100 apps! So whether you want to be educated or entertained, the Mind Wave Starter kit has it covered.

Included in the starter kit are 3 apps to get you started .The Brain Wave Visualizer and MindWave Tutorial are an introduction to all things Neuroscience.  The Speed Math app challenges you do complete mathematical puzzles as quick as you can! If Maths isn’t your cup of tea then simply download one of several free apps, including stories with various interactions and alternative endings all controlled by you and your grey matter. There are even apps that show how your favourite music affects the way you think!

Product Features

  • First EEG headset designed for home and mobile use
  • Measures brainwaves via the sensors
  • Gain a better understanding of mental states
  • Brain training games
  • Wirelessly communicate with your PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • 100’s of brain training exercises to download
  • Write your own programs with the free developmental tools
  • 2 starter apps included
  • Made from tough, semi-flexible plastic
  • Colourful brainwave visualizer
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery

Technical Specifications

  • Uses TGAM1 module
  • Auto wireless pairing
  • Static headset ID (headsets have unique ID for pairing purposes)
  • Measures raw-brainwaves
  • Processes EEG power spectrums (Alpha, Beta etc.)
  • Processes NeuroSky proprietary eSense meter for attention, meditation and other future meters
  • EEG/ECG signal quality analysis
  • Bluetooth v2.1 Class 2
  • BT version: 2.1
  • BT output power: Class 2
  • BT minimum voltage: 1.0V
  • BT range: 10m
  • BT power consumption: 80mA
  • UART (serial): VCC, GNC, TX, RX
  • UART baudrate: 57,600 Baud

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