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Communicate with brainwaves

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Product Description

It’s time for us to get all sciencey for a moment but don’t worry there are no complicated equations or tables to learn, this is the fun (and kind of pointless) type of science. If you’ve often found that you’ve struggled to let people know just how you are feeling then the Necomimi could help!

NeuroSky’s brain-computer interface (BCI) technology has found its way into the UK in the form of the Necomimi’s cat ears. These fluffy ears come with an EEG (electroencephalogram) sensor which tracks your brains activity and makes the ears act accordingly.

NeuroSky claim that our minds have three mental states; focused, relaxed and ‘in the zone’. When you are focused the ears will prick up mimicking an alert state. When you are nice and relaxed the ears will droop, and finally when you are relaxed yet concentrating, aka in the zone, the ears will twitch rapidly (For example, shooting hoops in basketball or drawing will put you in the zone).

The Necomimi’s sit on you just like a headband would and are secured with a removable elastic band which goes around the back of your head. Place the EEG sensor firmly against your forehead with the clip piece clipped onto your left ear and the clever little device will pick up any electrical pulses being sent through your head.

This incredible and fun piece of technology is a new way of expressing yourself and allows you to communicate with your brainwaves. Now you can say what’s on your mind without even opening your mouth.

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Product Features

  • Brainwave activated cat ears
  • Moves to match your emotions
  • Ear clips attaches to left ear
  • Three mental states;
  • Focused – ears perk up
  • Relaxed – ears droop down
  • In the zone – ears wiggle rapidly
  • Kawaii accessory
  • New way to express your self without speaking

Technical Specifications

  • Measures electrical impulses with EEG sensor
  • Cleverly uses BCI (Brain-computer interface) technology
  • Easy to set up – only takes 30 seconds to calibrate
  • Headpiece measures approx. 29cm across
  • Ears measures approx. 10cm
  • Elastic band measures approx. 38cm
  • Battery pack measures approx. 10cm
  • EEG sensor measures approx. 9cm

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