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Most clocks are pretty much the same, numbered 1-12, with three hands and a round face. These clocks are not like the others. Yes they are definitely round, but no numbers are printed on the minimalistic design, and there are only two hands.

The NeXtime Focus Clocks are funky innovative clocks that instead of using another hand to depict the seconds going by, the whole clock face becomes a swinging pendulum. The motion of these clocks makes it hard to decipher whether it is the wall or the clock is moving as the dial will swing to the rhythm of seconds with the hands staying in the same place.

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Product Features

  • Innovative clock design
  • Dial swings in rhythm of seconds
  • Unique modern design
  • Pendulum movement
  • Made from plastic
  • Requires 1 x AA battery
  • Measures approx. 25cmø x 5cm

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Cool! - Review by Zak

It looks really cool and modern. With its simple design you can't go wrong!