Nibbled Cheese Board

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Nibbled Cheese Board

Cheesy but we love it

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Product Description

Look a mouse! Oh no, quick bring out the traps! But wait, this isn’t your normal average everyday pest of a mouse. Nope, this cute little chap is actually a cheese knife ready to help you cut through everything from Wensleydale to gorgonzola!  When not in use this little rodent neatly stores away in the mouse hole with only his head popping out providing you with the ultimate in kitchen cuteness. Awwww.

Based in a giant 20cm x 14cm x 3cm Beechwood chopping board, with a teeny tiny mouse hole perfect for your new best friend to sleep in. The knife is durable and stainless with a food safe silicone handle.  And once you’re done with slicing and dicing, just pop him back in his hide out. Easy peasy. 

Product Features

  • Novelty cheese board with a mouse for a knife
  • Mouse hides in the hole until next time
  • Knife is durable and stainless with a food safe silicone mouse handle
  • Made from Beechwood
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 14cm x 3cm

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