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Every day, someone somewhere will lose their phone, leave their briefcase on the train or misplace car keys. A mind-blowing total of over £4 million pounds worth of phones are lost around the globe on a daily basis and this is not a category you would want to fall into. The Nio Tag is a gadget specifically designed to help you not become a part of this statistic.

Nio Tag is the world’s first Bluetooth low energy security tag and works by creating a ‘wireless chain’ to protect your treasured items from loss or theft. Simply attach the Nio Tag to the item you don’t want to lose (laptop bag, wallet etc.) and relax in knowledge that it is now being tracked by the free Nio app on your iPhone!

Picture the scene; you’ve been out for a meal at a fancy restaurant, as you walk out the door to leave the Nio Tag in your pocket (attached to your keys) starts to alarm. You then frantically check your pockets and realise you don’t have your phone! You walk back to your table and there it is! Without Nio Tag you might have been back at home before you even realised it was missing!

Maybe you are late for work but can’t find your keys! No problemo, simply activate the app and the Nio Tag on your keys will start to sound. What might have taken you ages to find has now been located in seconds!

It even works if you have a child who likes to wander off in busy shopping centres. Attach the Nio Tag to your child or make them keep it in their pockets and whenever they disappear into the crowds you can use the tracking feature to quickly and easily locate them. The closer you to get your tag the more lines you will see on the signal strength indicator and the faster the beeping will become.  

Nio Tag is fully customisable. You can set the distance before the alarm will sound (up to 20m), and even choose a sound from your iTunes library.

The Nio app is free to download from the apple store and is the main control for the device. It runs efficiently in the background of your device so you can carry on using your device for other purposes. It’s compatible with most devices with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 enabled phones such as iPhone 4s and 5, the iPad 3, 4 and mini.

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Product Features

  • Loss prevention system
  • Creates wireless chain between your device and nio Tag
  • World’s first Bluetooth low energy security tag
  • Attach nio Tag to items you don’t want to lose
  • Carry nio Tag to track lost phone
  • Anti-theft motion sensor
  • Locate nio setting
  • Set proximity range (up to 20 metres)
  • Customise alarms via your iTunes library
  • Audible and vibration alerts
  • LED indicators for alarm and status
  • Detachable clip and lanyard for easy attachment
  • Free smartphone app for Apple Store
  • Runs efficiently in the background
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s/5 and iPad 3/4/mini
  • Measures approx. 4cm x 2cm x 1cm


1 x nio Tag

1 x Lanyard

1 x Detachable clip

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