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For twenty years a chopstick master has been sat cross-legged on a remote and mysterious mountain top pondering the true meaning of cutlery. Fed only scraps by passing eagles he entered a trance-like state untill the truth was revealed to him - join two chopsticks together and call them Nunchops! Last we heard he was off for a takeaway. True story ;)

Most oriental takeaways these days will give you a set of chopsticks to use which will probably end up in the cutlery drawer for years and years. Then when the time finally occurs where you actually want to use them, they have either disappeared off the face of the earth, or you have just one stick.

One way to resolve this heart breaking issue is just to not use chopsticks ever again and become incredibly boring and uncultured. However, the correct solution for such a predicament is just to attach your chopsticks to one another. Not only is this a more practical way of storing your tableware, but it’s also the most fun way. Also, they're an awesome way to make sure no one nicks your food. So, next time you're chomping through the Chow Mein you'll look and feel like a true Bruce Lee. 

Product Features

  • Makes eating rice more fun
  • Novelty chopsticks
  • Martial mealtime is here!


  • 1 x pair of chopsticks

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