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Compulsive Chef

Obsessive chopping and dicing

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Product Description

Sometimes, things just have to go perfectly to plan. There isn’t room for any sort of error and this chopping board is an ideal guide to cutting your tomatoes at picture-perfect right angles.

The Compulsive Chef is the key ingredient to creating the most picturesque meal known to man. With measurements for a beautifully proportioned carrot stick and angle indication markings to slice up some acute apples or obtuse oranges - no longer do you have to worry when your diced onion isn’t all equal sizes. As a stencil for medium dice to fine brunoise, batonnet to fine julienne, it will guide your culinary skills to the top. Made from solid Beechwood, the Compulsive Chef chopping board clearly spells out extremely precise measurements in exacting detail.

Product Features

  • Cutting board with precise measurements
  • Made from solid Beechwood
  • Angle indication markings
  • Stencils for dicing
  • Easily viewable diagrams and markings
  • Measures approx. 30.5cm x 23cm

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