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As humans we seem to have just the right amount of limbs, but spiders and octopuses with their greedy need for eight seem to be going completely overboard. Unless they're going to produce a fantastic display of juggling, we just can’t understand the need for so many!

That was until we found the Octostand. This handy (or should that be leggy?) gadget holder makes perfect use of what god gave them. Its bendy appendages can hold your phone or mp3 player very securely in pretty much any environment. Attach it to your air vents to hold your satnav or the back of your headrest so the kids can watch a movie whilst in the car. You could even attach it to your bicycle to hold your GPS device, or just use it as a quirky phone holder.

The soft, flexible grippy plastic limbs are easily bent and shaped into any form and can adapt to any form. Once you're done with the Octostand, it can easily be folded away ready for next time.

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Product Features

  • Adaptable phone holder
  • Mould 8 legs into any shape
  • Ideal for most environments
  • Portable, secure and adjustable
  • Securely holds device in place
  • Wrap legs around anything
  • Flexible grippy plastic with rubber feel
  • Adapts to a variety of shapes
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 22cm x 1cm (when flat)

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Amazing - Review by Tracy

This is amazing it holds my phone perfectly and is very sturdy.