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Cool and amazing stuff happens every day. In fact, there’s a good chance that something exciting is happening this very second, yes that second just gone, it’s now 2 seconds ago! Over the past few centuries, a whole host of awesomeness has occurred. That means for every day of the year something epic happened that you may, or may not know about.

The On This Day Calendar collates the awesome, the inspiring, and the game changers, and puts them all into small nuggets of information. For example 27th January in 1880 Thomas Edison patented the light bulb and from that point on candle sales plummeted! To reveal the fact of the day, simply press and hold the black diamond and the heat sensitive patch will disappear revealing the text (when it cools the black returns hiding the text once more).

Not only is this calendar a great fountain of knowledge but you can also use it to note down dentist appointments, birthdays or as a reminder to create your own piece of history (e.g invent time machine, clean the oven or similar).


Product Features

  • Great looking calendar
  • Heat sensitive patches reveal historic facts
  • Be organised and informed, in style
  • Measures approx. 100 x 39.5 cm

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