Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers

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Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers

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Product Description

Most of us will probably have around about 3-4 keys on one hoop. Sounds simple enough but when they all look identical it can become quite a difficult task finding the correct one especially when you’re in a rush to get in/out.

But it’s not game over just yet; the Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers are here to save us from our key troubles! All four ghosts have come to not only keep our keys looking fun and colourful, but to keep us organised and able to take the local locksmith off speed dial. The 80’s classic arcade game stars can each have their own key to cherish and care for, even Clyde!

Although for anyone who has 7+ keys on their keychain – either buy more packs of these or admit you have a key collecting problem and get yourself to the AA equivalent.

Product Features

  • Fun colourful Pac-man Ghost key covers
  • Soft durable rubber
  • Fits most standard round heads
  • 4 x key covers
  • Measures approx. 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.5cm

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Great gift!! - Review by richard

These are a really great gift that I got for my husband for his birthday. We live in a flat where the front door key and our flat key look very similar and these provide an ideal solution to the problem of confused keys.

My husband is a massive video games fan and he loves the Pac Man Key Covers. They also make his keys stand out and he always get comments off people who really like the retro characters!

This Rocks! - Review by Claire

Cutest key cover ever, love it