Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

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Pac Man Heat Changing Mug

Characters appear with heat

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Product Description

Even the most extreme video gamer needs a break now and again, so whilst you are recharging your batteries why not enjoy your favourite brew from the Pac Man Heat Changing Mug! Simply add hot water and the empty Pac Man Maze is magically populated with Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde (collectively known as the ghosts) and of course, Pac Man himself.

The Pac Man Heat Changing Mug is the perfect gift for the computer game enthusiast or retro collector.

Product Features

  • Reacts to heat
  • 300ml Capacity
  • Classic pac man maze design
  • Watch the characters appear with heat
  • Perfect for a video game enthusiast

Technical Specifications

  • Handwash only

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wakka wakka - Review by mike

Well, I use this as my main drinking receptacle at work... lets everybody know my love for all things arcadey, and means my drink doesn't get mixed up amongst the more humdrum mugs!

For the next version, can we have one that animates...? (Joke)

Great idea but... - Review by J

This is a great idea and good price but slightly disappointed with the display - it works but the display is not bright enough and once milk is added the drink it is hardly visible.

RED5 says: "How much milk are you adding J!? ;p"