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Panoramic Pod

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Product Description

With so many photography apps available, it's easier than ever to get the most from your camera phone. Possibly the most stunning example in photography is the panoramic picture – capturing incredible scenery and breath taking landscapes like never before. But getting these stunning shots right isn’t always easy- and it’s not too tricky to fall into some common and often funny pitfalls.

So if you end up with a dog with eight legs wandering through the shot or random bits of sky that don’t fit together properly then the Panoramic Pod will save all of your widescreen woes, giving you fantastic shots every time. The Panoramic Pod is a tripod with a rotating mechanism that smoothly revolves 240 degrees. All you need to do is place your phone in the secure holder, turn on the panoramic camera setting on your smartphone and the Pod’s smooth wind up mechanism will do the rest!

This perfectly proportioned tripod is of course suitable for non-panoramic shots too, giving you the option for timed shots and video as well as mind blowing panoramas!

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Product Features

  • Perfect picture buddy
  • Rotating tripod for camera phones
  • Timed at 25 seconds for optimum image quality
  • Take 240 degree panoramic photos with ease
  • No batteries required.
  • Compact, pocket size design.
  • Works with most panorama - compatible smartphones (iPhone & Android)
  • Wind up and release mechanism allows for steady movement

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