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Pencil Sabers

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Product Description

Thanks to a sci-fi saga of men in dressing gowns fighting men with masks using glowing sabres, we can no longer pick up a stick without making the  (probably trade marked!) ‘vrmmmmmmmm’ sound effects.

If your imaginative skills aren’t up to much then maybe the Pencil Sabers can help. Styled on the iconic weapons they are perfect when you want to re-enact a fight scene..…in miniature, and can also be used as a pencil if you want to jot down the whereabouts of the rebels hidden base! Finally, the handle of the sabres doubles as a handy eraser.

Product Features

  • Two pencils styled as light sabres
  • Sabre hilts doubles as eraser
  • Vrmmmmmmm sound effects not included

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amazing school stationary for school! - Review by rahat

These pencil sabers sure do rock!

They are comfortable in the hand to draw with and are an amazing gift for star wars fans or any general person. At a high quality which is good, it mixes with a cheap budget price which makes the product even more amazing . I highly recommend this to everyone who is looking to buy general pencils (more like unique pencils).

Emily - Review by Emily

Absolutely fantastic, perfect gift for any Star Wars fan and a bargain too!