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Pens are boring and you are probably tired of that pen you are using right now aren’t you? It’s plasticy, it’s plain, it’s just not you and you should get one that shows off just how cool you really are.

Like this one for example! The Penultimate is possibly the trippiest yet coolest pen we have seen. Not only does it nail all the necessary things you need from a pen (like writing) but it also floats! Yep, you heard us. A floating pen! Thanks to its clever display stand you can make this pen float, as if by magic. If floating isn’t enough magic infusion for your daily life then give the pen a little twizzle and see if a spinning floating pen does it for you! The Penultimate is without a doubt, better than your standard biro as its magical abilities and ergonomic design prove. 

Product Features

  • Amazing floating pen
  • Challenge your perceptions of normality
  • Spin the pen for more amazement!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Plastic transparent display stand
  • Most unique pen we have seen
  • Executive desk gadget
  • Pen measures approx. 12cm x 2cm x 1cm
  • Display stand measures approx. 12cm x 6cm

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