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Product Description

Pickmaster is a must have for all guitar heroes. Whether you're a private Jimi Hendrix who only allows your bedroom walls to hear you strum or a fully-fledged pro, Pickmaster will keep you in the best and baddest plectrums for as long as you like. If you’re tired of losing picks and paying too much to replace them then this cunning tool is for you.

What the Pickmaster allows you to do is make plectrums out of any old cards you no longer use. Whether it’s an old loyalty card for a store you no longer need or an out of date credit card, simply slide it into Pickmaster, give it a push and "voila", you have yourself a completely original plectrum all of your very own. Once done simply strum for a few minutes with your new plec to remove any sharp edges. Plus, slide it in at the right angle and you can make your name appear on the plectrum itself. How cool is that? Don't answer that. You don't need to.

Product Features

  • Guitar plectrum cutter
  • Use to recycle packaging
  • Safely destroys old cards
  • Cuts plastic up to 1mm thick
  • Use only soft pliable plastics eg credit cards not hard plastic eg CD cases

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alright - Review by sam

I'm sure it is really good and the picks it has been making come out ok except the one I bought has a slight bump or snag on the puncher so my picks come out with cracks or parts missing, not good :(

RED5 says: "Sounds like a faulty unit to us Sam, best take it back to the store or contact our CS team."

Perfect gift for guitarists - Review by Wendy

This is a great product and makes an interesting pressie for the musician who has it all. We thought it was a great and useful gadget, thank you.

Great for a while - Review by Edward

This product was amazing for a couple of weeks, I mainly used things like iTunes cards, but after a month or two the top half completely snapped off rendering it useless :(

RED5 says: "Oh no, please drop our customer services an email and we'll get it sorted out for you."

Not good - Review by Neil

Great as a gimick but unfortunately the picks it creates are unusable. Too large. Picks are a personal thing and this just didnt work for me.

RED5 says: "Ahh, that's a shame Neil. Why not try experimenting with different materials? I'm sure we can find a plectrum that suits you :D"

Awesome - Review by stef

I love it