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Create your own 3D Sculpture

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Create an impression and make a 3D sculpture of anything you like with the Pinart. Get creative and make amazing relief images by pushing objects, or even body parts into the pins (don't worry, they're not sharp)! To remove the impression, simply tilt the Pinart until all the pins are flat against the acrylic again. There are no batteries required - all you need to do is use your imagination to create your own work of art!

Product Features

  • Create your own 3D Sculpture
  • Easily reset to recreate
  • All you need is your imagination
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 17cm x 13cm

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loving it - Review by Adam

me and my brothers have so much fun with this product,
we put it on our hands and faces and it makes the whole family laugh and we have so much fun with this!!

Wow - Review by Chantelle

I had this when I was a kid we when to red 5 in the Trafford centre I point in out to my 12 year old and told her I had it when I was a kid she love it so she ask me could she have it I told her maybe for your birthday .so when I when the back to get it the lovely man in the shop said they had a new light up one that changes couloir it was a bit more expensive than this one.but she loved it and plays with it all the time I think this is one of her best gift she's had she has not stop playing with it thank you red5.

Rose - Review by Jayne

Fun object - just like one we had as kids...

Great present. Great shop - Review by Josh

I got on of these for Christmas it keeps me entertained for hours. I would recommend it to anyone as its a great present from a great shop. RED5.

Amazing - Review by Paul

My friend bought me one for my birtday because i really wanted one it keeps me entertained for hours on end

Great present from brother!!! - Review by joseph

I absolutely love this pinart. I love making different shapes with it.
Nothing bad at all. It's a perfect present, I would definitely suggest this.

Interesting - Review by Laurence

I think red 5 has the coolest stuff ever you have got interesting gadgets I like the pin art is great you can do anything with it you can do your Xbox or ps controller and you can do your face and your hands and anything you want.

So cool - Review by Victoria

I got this for my birthday and its so addictive! I always play with it and when my friends come they can't stop pressing random objects against it! Well worth buying.

Great Fun! - Review by Shirley

The product is well built and looks like it could last a long time! Had fun using my hands, face and any household object into the pins! It is surprising how the pins don't hurt your skin. The only reason I didn't give it a five star rating is that it doesn't hold the pins shape when faced flat on a surface as it has to be stood up vertically but that's not a massive problem to worry about. The delivery was good and I could recommend to anyone!