Pixel Bricks Pac-Man Ghost

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Pixel Bricks Pac-Man Ghost

Build your own Blinky!

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Product Description

There’s hundreds of famous ghosts in the world but for us, the Pac-Man ghosts are our favourites. Leader of the gang is Blinky, the red little guy that constantly hunts down Pac-Man, intent on catching him and stopping him eating all the dots!

With this retro puzzle set you can build your own Blinky! In full vintage gaming styling, there are no round edge shaped puzzles pieces. All the pieces are blocky so you end up with a pixelly shaped Ghost, just like in the original game. You will need to have the same determination that the ghosts have when hunting Pac-Man to get the 247 pieces together, but once you do, you have an immaculate 3D jigsaw puzzle that you can be proud of.

Product Features

  • 3D Pac-Man ghost jigsaw puzzle
  • 247 pieces
  • Offically licensed Pac-Man memorabilia
  • Create your own Blinky ghost
  • Pixelated retro style
  • When complete measures approx. 6cm tall

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