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We think it’s high time that playing cards have a funky new makeover, and it looks like these Pixel Playing Cards have heard our prayers! So push aside your slightly beer stained, peeling at the edges deck, and make way for this awesome PVC pack!

Any card player or magician will tell you, a sleight of hand and a trick of the eye goes a long way, and with this set you get an amazing optical illusion with every card! The amazing one way vision effect makes these cool cards look transparent, whilst the other side of your card remains a complete secret.

So get your beers, chips and poker face at the ready and transform your game nights for good! And just think, because these cards are made from PVC, it means you can even play in the bath, hot tub or swimming pool, and it doesn’t get more awesome than that.

Product Features

  • One way vision optical illusion playing cards
  • Unique pixelating graphics
  • Completely waterproof PVC
  • Comes in a handy plastic clip-shut case
  • Update your deck for the 21st Century
  • Perfectly pokersize

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