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Plunger Stand

Cute mobile phone stand

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Product Description

Mobile phones are great nowadays. Long gone are the times when you had to plug in an additional adapter just to take a photo. Now your phone can help you decide what you are going to eat tonight, act as a personal trainer or check out the street views in deepest Peru.

It can also enable you to watch movies or listen to music. All very good, but what if you are on a plane or lying down. How do you position your phone for that comfy viewing angle? Holding it in your hand is fine, until it starts to go numb after around about 8 minutes!

Well here's where this clever chap comes in. Simply get the 2 supplied plungers and stick one (or both) on to the back of your device and you instantly have the perfect viewing angle!

It really is that simple. They can be easily removed and repositioned for a different viewing angle as many times as you like. In fact, these plungers are so adaptable you might think that they could help with your plumbing. They don't.... but they will help you watch your favourite podcast or Gotham City action hero in comfort. Go on take the plunge!

Product Features

  • Rubber plungers with wooden handles
  • Each pack contains a red and a black plunger
  • Sucks onto the back of your iphone/ipod or other mobile device
  • Easy to use and won't damage your device
  • Cute mobile phone stand
  • Can be easily remove and replaced
  • Each plunger measures approx. 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 4cm


  • 1 x red plunger stand
  • 1 x black plunger stand

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