Pocket Back Scratcher

Get that itch!

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Product Description

No one likes an unreachable itch. Some are just tingles where as some are so damn itchy they will make your leg twitch.

This Pocket Back Scratcher is a handy device to tackle that itch before it turns to a twitch. If you’re thinking it doesn’t look long enough to reach down to that awkward spot in the middle of your back don’t worry, as it is extendable to 38cm. This telescopic gadget means you can reach that itch on your knee without even bending down and with the pocket clip you can keep it close for any itchy emergencies.

Product Features

  • Telescopic scratcher
  • Perfect for getting hard to reach areas
  • Five plastic fingers
  • Handy pocket clip
  • Extends from 18cm to 38cm

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The Itchy and Scratchy SHOOWWWWWWW!! - Review by Adam

This is an AWESOME little gadget!!! Extendable so it reaches that small of yer back which up until now you've had to BEG your other half to scratch for you! NO MORE!!! Now with this you can scratch to your Back's content!! This thing will last forever too as it's made of a sturdy metal! A truly BRILLIANT product!!