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The practical, extendable Pocket Fishing Rod, is the perfect catch for all anglers. There are two types of fishermen. The one with the flimsy net on the end of a piece of old bamboo, who gets excited when he catches a stickleback in the local canal; and the serious angler, who sells a kidney to afford the latest rods, reels and floats, and who dreams of landing a foot long pike. Well if you want to catch more than a tadpole, but don't want to carry around an arsenal of hi-tech angling paraphernalia, then the Pocket Fishing Rod is for you. The compact rod can be carried around in your pocket (hence the name), but as soon as you catch sight of something darting around in the water, the rod is easily, and quickly extended, ready to land your prize catch.

It comes with a reel, line, hooks and float, and is easy to assemble, so all you need to provide is the bait. It is the perfect gift for the first time fisherman, or for the serious angler who wants to be prepared, just in case he can get in some unexpected casting. The rod is a diminutive 20cm for easy mobility and 104cm when extended. It is made of an aluminum alloy and is sturdy enough to land the biggest freshwater fish. 

Product Features

  • Practical pocket-sized fishing rod
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Measures approx. 20cm; 104cm when extended 


  • 1 x fishing rod
  • 1 x fishing line
  • 2 x hooks
  • 2 x reels
  • 2 x floats

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