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Pocket Pint

Collapses to only 4 cm

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Product Description

Pockets, awesome for holding stuff such as loose change, house keys, hankies, fluff and now….pint glasses! That’s right the Pocket Pint allows you to carry round a pint glass in your pocket. It doesn’t even need to be some kind of mutant giant pocket either, just a normal everyday average pocket will do.

Due to its collapsible body the Pocket Pint transforms from pint size to just over an inch! Perfect for parties, picnics and festivals, it’s the ultimate in telescopic, beer-drinking gadget devices.

When not in use it collapses down to a compact 4cm high (9 cm wide)!

Product Features

  • Expandable pint glass
  • Collapses down to fit in your pocket (4 cm high)
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Made of plastic
  • A pint glass that fits in your pocket
  • Perfect for camping, picnics or festivals

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This is a waste of money dont buy. - Review by jack

I bought this for my friend for his birthday and he put some beer in it and it collapsed and finally when he got it to stay up it started to leak.

don't waste your money on this but something better.

Great Product! - Review by David

With festival season fast approaching, this is most definitely gonna come in handy!! Great little gadget for the man on the move, came in handy last summer when my friends were barbequing! Great price and a perfect gift for someone who can't live without a pint....or two!!

useful - Review by Tom Anstee

i bought this product from one of your stores recently and i must say it comes in handy for when your still at the pub and it is closing time and they are kicking everyone out still got a pint left so you grab this from your coat pocket and youve got a pint to walk home with, happy days.