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Product Description

It may be slightly smaller than your average pool ball, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in bounce! Will you choose spots or stripes!? Well this super realistic, super bouncy pool ball comes in a variety of colours, and true to the great game itself - you can choose from either spots or stripes. Versatility is key for this product - use it as a bouncy ball or use it as a pool ball - it may bring in a whole new dimension to pool if your game is getting stale.

Perfect for pool enthusiasts or bouncy ball enthusiasts alike... and surely it's the ultimate product for any pool AND bouncy ball enthusiast. Now that would be something special!

Please note: This product does not come with a triangle and chalk pictured. We nabbed those from the equally amazing Mini Pool Table.

Product Features

  • Bouncy ball that looks like a pool ball
  • Super bouncy ball
  • Choose spots or stripes
  • Why not use it for trick shots?
  • Each ball measures approx. 2.7cm in diameter

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too cool - Review by Jack

too cool