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For most of us the only excitement that came with swimming lessons was the time where you had to jump in wearing your pyjama’s to retrieve a brick from the bottom of the pool! Nowadays however, it’s all high tech gadgetry and nothing reflects this more than the PoolJet. Think of it as the baby brother (or sister) of the hugely popular Bladefish. The PoolJet has been specially designed with kids in mind, and in particular swimming pool environments. Its lightweight, and powerful, but not too powerful that the last thing you see is the little one hurtling off into the distance shouting “mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”.

We all know that kids like to stick their hands in…well just about anywhere that they can fit them, so the PoolJet has the fan well and truly enclosed. There is even a safety feature on the trigger that requires buttons on either side to be pressed before it begins to go. If one hand slips off then the PoolJet stops. The PoolJet lasts between 20-30minutes so there is plenty of time to help transform your little angels into little fish! Once the lesson is up it only takes an hour and a half to fully recharge.

The PoolJet is a great way to give kids who are learning to swim that extra bit of confidence. For anyone that can swim it is still a lot of fun and offers a whole new experience in the water.

Product Features

  • PoolJet has been designed with kids in mind
  • Safe and easy to use
  • A great aid to help anyone learning to swim
  • Lightweight and positively buoyant (it floats!)
  • Dual triggers for added safety
  • Bright orange colour can be easily seen

Technical Specifications

  • PoolJet lasts 20-30 minutes
  • Only 90 minutes to recharge 7.2V Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Charge from the mains
  • Weighs 1.6kg
  • Dimensions: 27 x 25 x 20cm


  • 1 x PoolJet
  • 1 x mains adaptor
  • 1 x instruction manual

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