Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro

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You don’t normally associate the word fun with exercise but the Powerballs manage to do just that! These spinning gadget marvels are a great way to build grip and arm strength, and will have you breaking out in a sweat without even realising it.

The Powerballs are revolutionary gyroscopes that create amazing inertial forces in the palm of your hand. Start of gentle and then see how fast you can get the exercise ball to spin creating between 1-40lbs of resistance. These forces will tone the arms and wrists, build muscle or gently rehabilitate damaged limbs with its smooth non-impact motion. Powerball 350Hz Metal Pro is almost twice the weight of the classic powerballs, the 350Hz creates an unbelievable force on the arm and wrist, testing even the fittest player! So how fast can you spin it? Well with the inbuilt speedometer you’ll know exactly how fast, so when you think you have a respectable score why not challenge your friends and family!

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Product Features

  • Powerballs add a little bit of fun to your exercise
  • Ideal for sports that require good arm strength or grip
  • Inbuilt digital speed counter helps you keep track of your high-score
  • Great for muscle rehabilitation
  • Tones biceps and triceps
  • Can help improve co-ordination for people with dyspraxia

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