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Where we're going we don’t need roads

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Product Description

The PQC1 is the brainchild of inventor E.L.Brown and it’s arguably the greatest thing we have ever gotten our hands….correction…feet on! This 6 motor, auto stabilising, personal quadcopter carrier is literally the future of transport. You can now say goodbye to bikes, buses, cars and even roads thanks to the PQC1.

Featuring two modes (Route Guidance or Balance) you chose how to want to fly. In Route Guidance mode you pre-set your route via the free downloadable app, stand on the PQC1 and off you go. In balance mode you can control the quad by leaning in the direction required and the built in gyro will keep you stable at all times.

A double tap of your right foot will lift the quad into the air in 1 metre increments, and the opposite with two taps with your left. The PQC1 has a maximum height of 25 metres and features various safety features such as safe landing and obstacle avoidance sensors. It has a battery life of 1.5 hours so will be perfect for short commutes.

Product Features

  • Personal Quadcopter Carrier
  • 6 motor auto-stabilising flying machine
  • Two flight modes (Route Guidance or Balance)
  • Various safety features including obstacle detection
  • Max height 25 metres
  • Flight time 1.5hours per charge
  • Perfect for short commutes

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Very Clever RED5 - Review by Joel

I realised as soon as I got the newsletter that this arrived on April the first i.e. April Fools Day along with two other 'incredible new arrivals that seem impossible and also dangerous and against health and safety laws in one case. But well done guys, this was a very clever and well-presented prank.

p.s. Very funny fake reviews on this one

RED5 says: “ Hey Joel, we're glad you like our April Fools Products. Its a shame they are fake as we think they are awesome but we promise you that all of the reviews are 100% from real customers just like you :).”

This is heavy! - Review by P

My mate Marty reckons this is awesome! Looking forward to inventor Browns next ventures with the self adjusting shoes and jacket. Am I the only one tempted to review this with delorean quotes and time travel references?? Pinch and a punch guys, and reserve one for me when the inventor gets back from the future!

Time Saver, Close Shaver - Review by Marty McF

Thanks to my close relationship with Doc I was able to get an early test drive of this marvellous device. In fact, I've been using it since 1985.

The manoeuvrability is superb, definitely a time saver when travelling to work. You can also extend the usage time by hanging onto the back of a handy pickup truck.

Unfortunately, Biff and his boys got involved and I ended up stumbling off the PQC1. This is where the problem started, the upward facing, unguarded propellers have shaved off my hair and eyebrows!

Maybe a redesign, something resembling a skateboard would be a better option for a future version.


Ha ha very funny. - Review by Gerry

I would have one if it wasn't an April fool