Pro Thumb Wrestling Tattoos

Get ready to thumble!

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Product Description

"1, 2, 3, 4, We declare a thumb war!" has been sung by kids in the playground for decades. We think that the only thing that is missing is a flash of colour, and thats why these Pro Thumb Wrestling Tattoos are ideal for a thumb showdown!

Just like the original Mexican wrestlers, each tattoo is designed with a colourful mask for you to wear, on your thumbs of course! There's 68 different designs and three varying sizes to fit all shapes and sizes of thumbs. Once you have chosen your warrior mask simply cut it out of the sheet, remove the transparent cover and place face down onto your strongest thumb. Wet the back with a damp cloth and gently peel off to reveal a menacing looking digit! After the battles, the temporary tattoos can be easily washed off with baby oil. Limber up and get ready to thumble your way to victory with the most intimidating mask you can find and the ultimate thumb power!

Product Features

  • Temporary wrestling mask tattoos
  • 68 Different masks
  • 3 Different sizes
  • Proper thumb wrestling attire
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Pack measures approx. 24cm x 11cm

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