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Cats have forever been known as suspicious animals and often connected to witchcraft and other forms of sorcery. Although they seem cute and innocent, they have a feisty and evil side that you should be wary of. The Pyro Pets are the perfect embodiment of their split personalities, cute on the outside and terrifyingly scary on the inside.

Add a match to the Pyro Pets and watch as the sweet little kittens are transformed into a fire. As the waxy ‘skin’ melts away, a sinister flame scorched skeleton emerges from the flames, with razor sharp teeth glinting in the flickering candle light and fire filled eyes staring back at you. Not so cute anymore! The adorable polygon cat has evolved into some form of creepy skeletal creature named Kisa, which is Icelandic for Kitty. Kisa has therefore represented the two sides to cats: transforming from cute to demonic through the burning of the candle wax.

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Product Features

  • Cute kitty candles with hidden surprise
  • Polygonal cat candles
  • As wax melts a skeleton is revealed
  • Creepy metal cat skeleton
  • Named Kisa (Icelandic for kitty)
  • 20 hour burn time
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 8cm x 12cm

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