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MULTIBUY OFFER! For a limited time only we are offering a fantastic deal on the Q4 Quadcopter - buy one for £29.95 or TWO for only £50. Simply add two to your basket and your discount will be applied at checkout.

But wait that's not all, in true TV-info-commercial style, order your Q4 today and receive a RED5 Landing Pad worth £3 absolutely free!

Before you ask – this isn’t a typo. The multi-award winning Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter is absolutely, without a doubt under £30 so you’re definitely getting a bargain here!

The lightweight Quadcopter is so adorably tiny, its weighs a mere 11.5grams and only just measures 5cm x 5cm. Under the protective one piece PCB frame is the power house of this mean machine. With four channel, six axis flight and a built in gyro, the Q4 Quadcopter provides a stable flight, and is an ideal Quadcopter for people who want to move on to flying more challenging four channel copters.

The Q4 is jam packed with the latest technology including something called ‘position recovery’. This amazing new feature will self right the quadcopter as if by magic! Or in other words, you can literally throw it up in the air and it will automatically turn itself the right way round. 

As one of the smallest Quadcopters in the world, it has been built for indoor flight even in the dark. A set of super bright red and blue LED’s indicate the front and back of the Quadcopter. Included in the box with the mini Q4 Quadcopter are four spare rotor blades, preparing you for any small accidents, a USB charging cable and of course, an equally small remote.

Although it may seem puny in size, it’s actually a slick, nimble and precise little quad and is designed to fly in the tightest of places.

Ps. did we mention that it’s small?

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Product Features

  • Tiny miniature Quadcopter
  • Winner of Toyfair Best New Toy 2014 Hobby Category
  • Winner of Toy Award Teenager & Family 2014
  • 4 channel beginner friendly
  • 6 axis flight
  • Position recovery technology
  • Built in gyroscope for stable flight
  • 2.4GHz with digital trim
  • Built in red and blue LED’s
  • LED’s indicate front and rear of Quadcopter
  • Tough, one piece PCB frame
  • Nimble and precise flight
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 5cm x 5cm

Technical Specifications

  • 100 mAh 3.7 Li-Po battery
  • Charge time approx. 40 minutes
  • Flight time approx. 5 minutes


  • 1 x Q4 Quadcopter
  • 1 x Q4 remote
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 4 x Spare rotor blades

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Quadcopter to go. - Review by Bart

While I have quite some experience with quadcopters I have none to fly indoors with. I previously bought the Hubsan X4 for this, but due to the high tone I wasn't allowed by my girlfriend. I must say this one is quite flexible and does the trick neatly!

Super small remote and quadcopter
Very stable

Super small remote can be a bit too small.
Short fly time

very stable flight - Review by Ganesh

Excellent and stable but I am unable to do a flip and I have tried many times. And also does the controller that comes with set allow me to do flips or do I need to purchase a separate controller. Can u please explain how to maneuver a flip with the controller provided.

RED5 says: “Hi there Ganesh, thank you for your review. To perform a flip you need to make sure your transmitter is set to stage 3 first. To do this you just need to click the right lever in until you hear 3 beeps and the LED starts flashing orange, then you are ready to do a flip :). For full details please see pages 9 &10 in your instruction booklet :).”

If you buy this as a present for someone..... - Review by Simon Hume

and try it yourself beforehand, you might end up keeping it.

Immense fun to use, once you get the hang of how to fly it that is.

My first quadcopter, Saw one flying around in the Birmingham store and decided to take a punt on it. The best £30 I've spent for a long time.
There is a learning curve to it, which is fun in itself, I'm sure once I've mastered flying it, it's going to be even more fun.

Nice, professional packaging enhances the impression of a quality product. The only thing that lets it down is the instruction sheet. Far too small and difficult to read. I have good eyesight, but have resorted to using a magnifying glass to make reading the instruction sheet easier.
All in all, highly recommended

Awesome - Review by Adam

I bought these for Christmas presents for my boys but couldn't resist giving them a go and I wasn't disappointed. The set up was very easy and I had it in the air within minutes and crashed within seconds!!! I'm sure with a bit of practice that will change. I ordered this product on Monday morning and it was delivered Wednesday afternoon even with the cheapest delivery method. Great product and great service. Thanks RED5

Brilliant, just brilliant! - Review by Andy

The perfect gift for a 48 year old boy! (and other ages too ;) )
I received one of these today and it is absolutely brilliant!
It does take a while to get used to it, but after an hour or so it's second nature.
Expect a few crashes to start with but don't be afraid to get some height - it's easier to control then.

I must admit that the print size in the instruction book leaves a bit to be desired but a combination of a magnifying glass and a teenage daughter with better eyesight than me, soon got me flying it around the dining room!

Instructions !! - Review by Susan

I love this but....... I really struggled to read the instructions as the print is SO small ! My eyesight is not that bad but I really struggled with this I don't understand why you had to make it so small.
Also, unless of course I missed it, I could not see anywhere on the instructions saying there is an on/off switch on the craft, we just assumed this and eventually found it.
Your instructions are not very good. I still love the product though.
I hope my grammar meets your expectations !

RED5 says: “Hi there Susan, thank you for reviewing the Q4 Quadcopter, we really appreciate your feedback. We have passed your comments on to our buying team about the instructions so they can look to amend this for the future.”

Great little copter - Review by Tim

Great to fly and fun but has started not responding to the controller. Now just flips over when trying to take off. Can't seem to calibrate the quad to hopefully sort it out.

Otherwise great fun while it lasted.

RED5 says: “Hi there Tim, sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Quadcopter. This problem is usually down to one of two things; calibration or incorrect blades. In order to re-calibrate your Q4 you’ll need to follow the accelerometer and transmitter sticks calibration procedure in the instruction book. If this doesn't sort the problem then also make sure all the blades are matched to the right motors. There needs to be two red blades (at the back) and two white blades (at the front) and these are both labelled A and B. You will need to make sure that the A and B blades are matched up to the A and B markings on the quadcopter itself :) If this doesn't help then please contact our Customer Services team.”

Awesome little machine - Review by Tiana

Super fun and easy to use. Although after a few crashes the front left blade stopped working. Is there any way to fix this?

RED5 says: “Hi there Tiana, sorry to hear one of the blades has stopped spinning :(. Please contact our Customer Service Team and they will get this sorted for you :).”

Great!!! - Review by Harry

My Mum bought this from the Southampton store when we were looking at the University, as a birthday present for me. I absolutely love it! It's an amazingly stable and fast machine, and very easy to control. Sadly, one of the motors has now stopped working altogether so I can't play with it anymore, which is such a shame! How would I go about dealing with this?

RED5 says: “Hi there Harry, we are pleased to hear how much you love your Q4 but sorry to hear one of the motors has stopped working. Our lovely Customer Service team will be in contact with you shortly to get this sorted for you.”

Kids love this Copter - Review by Graeme

After a couple of minor crashes the kids have mastered this really cool copter and are having great fun. Only downside is that a couple of rotor blades were broken during first practice and we are using the spares supplied. Can you get spare blades and if so from where?

RED5 says: “Hi there Graeme, we are pleased to hear the kids have mastered flying the Q4. Great news, spare blades will be available to purchase on our website again very soon :). You will be able to find them on the Q4 spares page here”

cool product - Review by findlay

Cool, nippy little product , just right for the kids, I recommend this product.

Very impressed! - Review by Louise

I bought one of these a few months back and I have to say, its great fun. Took me a while to get use to the controls which meant lots of crashes and changing of the blades but it still works as good as new. Cant get my head around the size of this thing and how much it can do. Now I'm use the flying it, I'm going to take it to the next level and start practicing my flips :). Thanks RED5, great product.

Okay - Review by Dan

I agree this is a very good gadget but I struggled to get the hang of it and now I can't even get it to take off! I have looked at what the instruction booklet says about my problem and has not worked. Help please!!!

RED5 says: “Hi there Dan, sorry to hear you are struggling with you Q4 Quadcopter. Our lovely Custer Service team will be in contact shortly with some useful tips to get you back in the air :).”

RED5 could do better! - Review by Simon

This is hard to fly and after a few crashes one of the rotors stopped spinning completely and the Nano Quad stopped flying all together. We returned it to the Birmingham store where they looked at it as said "Oh, this has had a few crashes then! We can exchange but no refund, after all, if you bought a Ferrari and crashed it, you wouldn't take it back and complain!" This is a flying toy, it will crash! The cause of the problem seems to be the set up of the toy. It didn't only climb but also set off in a sideways direction when the 'up' lever was activated with disastrous results. Buy and fly with care!

RED5 says: “ Hi there Simon, sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your Q4 Quadcopter. Our Customer Service team will be in contact with you shortly to get this sorted for you”

Brilliant - Review by Gareth

Picked up the nano quadcopter in store for a little bit of fun. Cannot go wrong with this, great fun, not easy to fly but I am getting there. Highly recommended and great fun. Think I will have to get my lad one too.

A dud one? - Review by Clare

I think we must have bought a faulty one as from the off it has only took off from one side and Is uncontrollable, I have a very disappointed 11 year old.

RED5 says: “Hi there Clare, sorry to hear that your son is having problems with his Quadcopter. This problem is usually down to one of two things; calibration or incorrect blades. In order to re-calibrate your Q4 you’ll need to follow the accelerometer and transmitter sticks calibration procedure in the instruction book. If this doesn’t sort the problem then also make sure all the blades are matched to the right motors. There needs to be two red blades (at the back) and two white blades (at the front) and these are both labelled A and B. You will need to make sure that the A and B blades are matched up to the A and B markings on the quadcopter itself :) If this doesn't help then please contact our Customer Services team.”

Great little copter - Review by Jeff

Went to RED5 the other day, and picked out this little gem. It's a great little quadcopter, and I'll admit, it was very difficult to get control of at first, but once you practice maybe an hour or two you really get the hang of it. Tip: practice outside first, not very high, but on grass. This will let you crash it without damage and get a feel of it. It is a. Very strong little quad. Buy it if you enjoy gadgets and flying things, its a great present and a wonderful thing to play around with!

Q4 nanocopter - Review by frank

I bought 2 of these in London - brought back to Australia for my grand kids. Is it the fact I am 70 but I cannot get this thing off the ground without it-flying off at an angle. I cannot get it to go straight up and spend most of my time putting propellers back on. Will be a great buy when someone tells me what to do!!

RED5 says: “Hi there Frank, these can be a little tricky to fly but the first thing to check is that ll the blades are on the right motors as if they are wrong then it can cause flight issues! Each blade has an A or B marked on the top of the blade and each arm of the quadcopter has the same so these need to be matched up. There should be two red blades on the back and two white blades on the front. If you need any more help though then please let our Customer Service team know.”

fantastic product and customer service - Review by Matt

Got bought the present as a gift from my fiancee and I loved it. It took a bit of getting use to but once I had a few flights outside I got a hang of the controls. My first one inherited a sticking motor that would remain on all the time. I took it back to the Birmingham store and they were happy to exchange it for another one and gave me the spare parts from the previous broken one. Great customer service thanks RED5!

Nice! - Review by Dave

Bought for my 11 year old son, once you get used to it, it handles well, the usual bumps lose rotors but easily replaced, a hard landing caused one of the led's to fly off to the upset of my son but over all a great machine!

Great fun! - Review by Elyse

This little thing is amazing!
Very easy to control!
Only one problem with mine, as soon as I turn the copter on one propeller starts spinning when the remote is on and the joystick is all the way down! I have no idea how to fix it!

But all in all, great product!

RED5 says: “Hi there Elyse, sorry to hear one of the propellers is spinning on its own. Have you tried re-calibrating the quadcopter and remote to see if this will fix the issue? You will be able to find details on how to do this on pages 12 & 13 of your instructions. If this doesn't work then you may need to get in contact with our Customer Service Team so they can get this sorted for you.”

cosmic - Review by james

Brilliant quadcopter for beginners, would recommend first time flyers to begin flying outside or in a room with high ceilings and plenty of space as trimming can be quite difficult. RED5, how can u purchase new rota blades???

RED5 says: “Hi there James, you can purchase a new set of blades for the Q4 here :)”

Awesome!! - Review by AlexFont

Bought two of them in RED5 shop in Selfridges in London when I was in holidays and it's simple awesome. It is a learning curve but we quickly started to fly it well. The trim helps a lot for the drone get stable after a bad landing.
Just got a little issue in one of the rotors as it sometimes rotates in low speed even with remote control turned off. Anyway, it still possible to fly with it, we just need to be careful while grabbing the drone.
Having two of them is even more fun as I can quickly switch to another one when the battery runs off. I'm considering to get another one just because of this.
This is a must have!!!

RED5 says: “Hi there Alex, sorry to hear you are having problems with one of your Q4 Quadcopters, our customer service team will be in touch shortly to get this sorted for you”

Love it! - Review by Ollie

I bought this a couple of days ago and haven't stopped playing with it since, but the only down side is that when ever it crashes the propellers fall off.
Also I think mine might be broken as when I put full power on it doesn't even raise a bit, it just stays still whilst spinning, but now I have changed the propellers and it does the same but raises the back side up and balances on front side.

RED5 says: “Hi there Ollie, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Q4, it sounds like you may need to check the order of your blades. Each blade and motor is labeled with an 'A' or 'B', if you make sure these are matched correctly it should fix your issue :). Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you continue to have problems.”

Amazing - Review by Ashley

There's only one word for this and that's amazing, great fun, just a shame you can't fly it for longer.

RED5 says: “Hi there Ashley, We are pleased to hear you are having great fun with your Q4. If you would like more flight time you can always buy additional batteries here :)”

Great product! - Review by Demi

I saw this whizzing around the shop at hull, I had never had anything like this before. It looked very easy to fly and it was after just 2 hours of flying I got the hang of it. It's a brilliant flyer and looks good to.

Highly recommend to anyone but especially first time flyers!

Frustating but fun - Review by Butcher

I saw this flying in your Southampton shop and nagged my wife till she bought me one. It has taken me a week to realise that it has a front and a back, and left and right are relative to that, not to me! Once I realised that I soon lost it in the brambles after it went right over the house. It is very tolerant of crashes and hitting furniture, walls, ceilings.....
I promise to do another review when I have mastered it!
By the way I am 66 so it is suitable for boys of all ages
For sheer frustrating pleasure, hard to beat. Another star when I master it completely.

You're never too old :) - Review by Carlton

Bought one for my dad for fathers day, then thought I need one too! Laughed as my dad used a bowl to contain it while trying to figure out the controls! Ha ha It is satisfyingly difficult to master but great fun in the living room, particularly when annoying the dog :).

Had what I thought was a technical issue in the first 24 hours which I presumed had developed from the multiple hard landings, contacted RED5 by email, they got straight back to me with the answer! propellers were on the wrong sides! Oops!! Both props have 'A' and 'B' marked on them, get them mixed up and it won't take off! 5 stars for the product, 5 stars for the service.

cooler than the last ice age... - Review by Tom

Its the best RC helicopter I've ever flown, and I've flow a lot, I mean A LOT! The stability is amazing, It's easy and precise with the controls.
The thing it is best at though is just how fun it is to fly, I mean normally you would set yourself challenges like 'land on dads head' or something.
The battery time is perfect and It's just SO LIGHT!
Basically this quadcopter is the reason that my Xbox is gathering dust.

Q4 Nano Quadcopter By Hubsan From RED5 - Review by Master Hellish

This quadcopter is fantastic!
It looks good, flys really nice and is cute. Robust and fun to fly the LEDs make it extra good for flying at dusk. Really good value for money and I recommend to anyone who likes cool gadgets or anything along those lines.
Full video review by myself here:

Great Quad-copter! - Review by Max

I purchased this quadcopter from the RED5 stand at the gadget show. Having never flown anything like this before it did take me a couple of days to master. Now happily whizzing it around the car park outside work. For something so small it deals with wind fairly well too. It has taken a fair beating as well with the amounts of crashes I had when learning, and its still going strong!! Would recommend to anyone!! 5 Stars all the way

Perfect Gift - Review by James

Amazing little gadget that will keep you entertained for hours! Easy to learn to fly and almost indestructible! I was a bad flyer and it took some serious hits and falls, but still all good to go!

Best present without a doubt for under £30 - Review by Mazharul

Absolutely stunning and magnificent when flying in mid-air, however it can be a bit fiddly once you start flying it but once you get used to it the quadcopter will go almost anywhere! great gift for its price and incredibly designed with next generation technology.One disadvantage is that the controller is extremely sensitive when adjusting the amount of throttle for height so be sure to be careful when flying this product.
Overall I am extremely proud to play with this minuscule yet powerful product!

This is awesome - Review by James

I bought the Quadcopter on Friday and wasn't it a good buy. The Q4 is a very tiny but yet very strong gadget. The Quadcopter can go side to side and up and down. It is not only cheap but you get good fun out of it. I have learnt how to do front flips and back flips with the Q4 .I've also learnt to land it. I measured the length of how far it had travelled and it was an astonishing 25 metres. I also measured how high it could go and it went about 10 metres off the ground. It is very good for anyone who is really interested in gadgets. I really highly recommend this. Full stars to RED5!

Absolutely Awesome - Review by James

What an amazing Quadcopter this is absolutely amazing. Its the smallest in the world and very cheap. If I could give more stars to RED5 I would. Amazing staff to tell you what to do. The best gadget shop in the world!!

Awesome - Review by alex

We love this little copter, is my first one of this kind, and it rocks!

Not too difficult to fly, 6 mins fly time, you can do flips and tricks!! love it!!

Absolutely amazing and yet so tiny! - Review by Kat

I purchased one of these for my husband who was a big fan of the U4 helicopter, thinking it was time for an upgrade.

I am absolutely gob-smacked at how cool this product is. The control you have over this little flying wonder is crazy, it goes forwards / backwards / left / right. My only criticism is it can be a little tricky to master but once you do it's unbelievable.

I honestly am never really bothered about RC toys but this is crazy. My husband is over the moon and loves it.

It's fairly robust (just a couple of crashes into a pesky wall and still all ok). Would highly recommend if buying for someone that likes their helicopters - this is a whole new era of flying.

It's genius! - Review by Alex

This mini thing is awesome! Firstly, it sounds like a mosquito when it's buzzing around, second it's fast - I mean really quick. It's actually a little twitchy, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes super fun! Unbelievable thing for the price! Love it.