Q4 Quadcopter Spare Rotor Set

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Quadcopters are amazing, there’s no denying that. Once you’ve mastered it, as far as we are concerned, nothing comes close! The problem is that learning a 4 channel does take time and you are going to have a few bumps along the way. Therefore we have tried to give you as many parts as possible to help fix those mishaps and keep you in the air as long as possible.

Please note: It's important to put the blades on in the correct order. Each blade has a letter which corresponds to the letters on the quadcopter itself. Also red blades must be at the back of the Q4. Please see diagram below:


  • 4 rotor blades included

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Love it and I'm 21 - Review by Merrissa

I love it

Awesome little thing. - Review by Toastinspace

This little thing is awesome but it is to awesome that all my spares are used so it is probably the best and smallest drone in the world. I went on 7/04/2015 to your shop in Hull and now RED5 is my favourite store. I am from Belgium, Blankenberge so I can't come a lot but when I come I will buy something out of your shop.

Must have - Review by Billy

These spare rotor blades are very useful to have, even if you can fly and control the quadcopter, you never know what might happen during your play so these are a must have in my opinion,