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Product Description

Before you ask – this isn’t a typo. The Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter is absolutely, without a doubt under £30 so you’re definitely getting a bargain here!

The lightweight Quadcopter is so adorably tiny, its weighs a mere 11.5grams and only just measures 5cm x 5cm. Under the protective one piece PCB frame is the power house of this mean machine. With four channel, six axis flight and a built in gyro, the Q4 Quadcopter provides a stable flight, and is an ideal Quadcopter for people who want to move on to flying more challenging four channel copters.

The Q4 is jam packed with the latest technology including something called ‘position recovery’. This amazing new feature will self right the quadcopter as if by magic! Or in other words, you can literally throw it up in the air and it will automatically turn itself the right way round. 

As one of the smallest Quadcopters in the world, it has been built for indoor flight even in the dark. A set of super bright red and blue LED’s indicate the front and back of the Quadcopter. Included in the box with the mini Q4 Quadcopter are four spare rotor blades, preparing you for any small accidents, a USB charging cable and of course, an equally small remote.

Although it may seem puny in size, it’s actually a slick, nimble and precise little quad and is designed to fly in the tightest of places.

Ps. did we mention that it’s small?

Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please see here for more details.

Product Features

  • Tiny miniature Quadcopter
  • 4 channel beginner friendly
  • 6 axis flight
  • Position recovery technology
  • Max speed approx. 10m/s
  • Built in gyroscope for stable flight
  • 2.4GHz with digital trim
  • Built in red and blue LED’s
  • LED’s indicate front and rear of Quadcopter
  • Tough, one piece PCB frame
  • Nimble and precise flight
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 5cm x 5cm

Technical Specifications

  • 100 mAh 3.7 Li-Po battery
  • Charge time approx. 40 minutes
  • Flight time approx. 5 minutes


  • 1 x Q4 Quadcopter
  • 1 x Q4 remote
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 4 x Spare rotor blades
  • 1 x Rotor guard

Customer Reviews Write a Review >

Pretty cool - Review by Joe

Not absolutely amazing, but great fun.
Charges extremely quickly, although has a short battery life. Still, it's great for a mess about and buttons really. Good way to decide if you want something a bit more advanced too!

Little but mighty - Review by Ralph

First time i've owner a Quadcopter and loving it.Taking a bit to get use to controls but getting there so much to enjoy from this tiny toy.

The awesome q4 quad copter!!! - Review by James

This is my first ever review so bare with me.
It's my birthday today and as a gift I got the Q4 quad copter... WOW!!!
This micro bad boy is responsive, fast and easy to fly and VERY forgiving.
The controller is fantastic like a playstation controller. Very impressed to say the least. Don't think about buying this q4 just put your hand in your pocket pull out your wallet and hand it over. You won't be disappointed..

AWESOME!!! - Review by Mark

I have to say this drone is fantastic and very responsive. For something much smaller than your average drone it most certainly makes up in responsiveness and ease of flying. One thing i love is that it only takes around 10 minutes to fully charge the battery before its ready to go again. Flying time however is also only around 5-10 minutes but it gives you plenty of time to have a good play with it.

Motor problems - Review by Stephen

The q4 is a great little quad easy to fly and great fun. Worked great for couple of days but with the frame being part of the board with the wires to the motors exposed they came loose from the solder, I would expect it to last more than a couple of days

RED5 says: “Hi there, sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your quadcopter. If you contact our customer service team at they should be able to help :)”

Great Present and Great Fun! - Review by Cita

Got this for my dad for Christmas. It was the number one present and everyone had so much fun trying out and flying it around.
It charges super fast and once you start flying its so much fun! Its fast and surprisingly not as loud as I had thought it would be. This small thing even survived a couple of crashes already and continuous to make everyone laugh with its neat design and its speed.
It takes a bit of time to learn how to fly it but hey even that is great fun and a good laugh!
Also saw that you could get replacement stuff if something would go missing/would break. Really happy with this Quadcopter!

Best - Review by Jiri

Best for beginer. Little, but good.

Amazing Product! - Review by Haris

I have recently bought this quad copter, when I saw the quad copter I couldn't believe how small it was! It was amazing! The first time flying it was a trill, although it was a bit tricky to fly. The quad copter was very powerful and fast for the price. I would highly recommend this product! :)

Ok - Review by Joanna

I bright I white one of these last year unfortunately as soon as it got in the propeller didn't work tried to fix but no good.. Would possibly buy. New one but think it breaks to easy

RED5 says: “Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your Q4 Quadcopter. If you get in touch with our customer service team at they should be able to help :)”

Propeller - Review by Martin

I have one of this magnificient Quadcopter and had wonderfull time ultil all proppelers lost, Would you sell replacement at the web shop and send it to home?

Many thanks!!!

RED5 says: “Hi Martin, we do sell spares for the Q4 Quadcopter on our website :) Here is the link:”

Great little thing - Review by Tobias

I bought this mini quadcopter in Leicester and started using it as soon as I got home. I was amazed by how fast it could fly around for its size, it even withstood a few crashes so far. Great buy !!!