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Imagine the coolest helicopter you've ever owned crossed with a stealth jet, and you're beginning to comprehend the awesomeness of the RC Quadcopter. The fun of flying this revolutionary indoor/outdoor flying gizmo is hard to put into words. Please check out the rather rubbish quality video (above, next to more images), you'll see a Dad happily ignoring his bleating child because he's having so much fun putting this whizz through it's paces, we can't believe how fast this puppy shifts.

The RC Quadcopter has ingenious quad rotor technology with 6 axis gyro and micro computer control for self-levelling which ensures astonishingly stable flight. It's technical, but basically it can independently control the speed of the motors in relation to one another, god knows how, but it works amazingly, and is so stable you could keep a horse in it. If you've seen the video then you already know how fast this cool piece of kit can go, if you haven't, then it's VERY VERY FAST, and the Quadcopter can change direction quicker than a politician, and wields considerably more power. 

We recommend that you're an intermediate to advanced helicopter flier before you get your itching fingers on one of these beasts, and don't fly it near things you don't want to concuss. The reason we say this is that it has true four channel control, so you can zoom through all dimensions, except the next one. It'll yaw, bank, pitch and elevate both inside and out, and when you've become a maestro you can even flip through 360 degrees, yes we did say that, you're not dreaming.

It has three control modes to help train you into becoming Top Gun. These levels help limit the sensitivity and power of the Quadcopter so you don't send it flying through the hedge in your initial burst of enthusiasm. Bright LED lights give the Quadcopter an awesome glow and indicate which way is forward. They also create a lovely effect when its zooming through the dark skies. A full charge will officially get you a good 10 minutes flying time (12-15 in our experience), and the battery pops out easily so you can keep a spare on charge.

So if you're flown helicopters and want to know what's next, hoping for something that's better, faster, more manoeuvrable and considerably cooler, then the RC Quadcopter is the answer to your prayers.

Please note: only charge via your computer/laptop USB ports or the mains charger provided.

Product Features

  • Remote control quadcopter
  • Suitable for indoors and calm conditions outdoors
  • Easily replaceable battery 
  • 4 Channel flight
  • 6 Axis flight
  • Colourful LED lights along the arms
  • Suitable for ages 15+ (intermediate or advanced pilots)
  • LCD display on remote control
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 18cm x 5cm

Technical Specifications

  • Built-in gyroscope
  • 500mAh 3.7v Li-po rechargeable battery (quadcopter)
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (controller)
  • Charges in 30-40 minutes via mains charger to give 8-10 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • 2.4Ghz wireless controller


  • 1 x Quadcopter
  • 1 x Remote control handset
  • 1 x Set of blades
  • 1 x Li-po battery
  • 1 x Mains charger

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Let down badly. - Review by Robert

I have had a number of 'Boys Toys' from RED5 and had great service & products in the past. Not this time. The Quadcopter would not take off. I read the instructions from cover to cover whilst the battery was charging. Followed instructions to the letter. . . .Nothing, one side lifted and the QC just scooted across the floor. I bought a spare battery to get the most out of the QC, I charged that just in case the 1st one was faulty. . . .Same thing happened. I will return it tomorrow. It is a great pity as I had 2 days to play with it.

RED5 says: “Hi there Robert, sorry to hear you are having problems with your Quadcopter - our Customer Services team will be able to get this sorted for you asap. You are welcome to give us a call or drop us an email.”

Indoor and out - Review by carl

This is a good and stable copter. Having 4 rotor blades makes this copter much more stable than the standard lightweight helicopters. It even works outside in light winds. As it is a four channel copter, it can be used as training for a helicopter, and is more crash resistant (not crash proof).

Outstanding product and aftercare. - Review by Glen

I've purchased 2 of these, one for myself and one for a friend, it's hours of fun (with additional batteries) and easy to learn how to fly and the after care from RED5 has been outstanding. Cracked the housing pulling off stunts so a phone call to RED5 and they sent out the spares within days and always sound energetic and more than happy to help. Thanks. - Review by Adrian

I got one of these and I love it. The best rc I have ever had, I can see myself getting another :)

Brilliant gift - Review by Darron

Got this as a surprise Xmas gift. Wow awesome. Fast agile and easy to master. Got the problem of no LED on the charger though so a bit of guessing on the charging. Gonna order a few more batteries for longer playtime.

very good - Review by Anselm

To sum it up in 3 words, excellent, amazing, cool.

Properly excellent - Review by Steven

I purchased this for my 8 year old Son, only because he has had several helicopters in the past and is a very good pilot!
The quality of the copter is superb and once you have it trimmed properly it is very stable and highly manoeuvrable. What I particularly like is you can alter the sensitivity of the control so you can get used to it before starting any tricks or stunts.
My son of course crashed a few times but no damage to speak of, I recommend a second battery as a trip to the park became 30 mins of flying rather than 10-15.
Customer service excellent as always. A great toy for adults and children but you really do need space, need a very large indoor space if flying indoors.
By the way this thing went so high outside I almost lost sight of it!!

Love it! - Review by Kelvin

Bought this today and love it 200%! Only downside is the 10 min flight time. Also, my charger doesn't have the LED indicator to tell me when it is charging/finished (red/green) as described in the manual? Can anyone from RED5 help?

RED5 says: “Hi there Kelvin, please contact our lovely customer service team and they will be able to help you :).”

Great Toy. Even Better Customer Service - Review by Matty

Totally LOVE this! It takes only a few hours to learn competently. What really did it for me was the customer service at RED5. I managed to crash the quad a few times during and broke one of the cogs. Couldn't find a replacement part on this site so I emailed RED5 at 8 am. Got a reply from customer service at half 10 am. Less than 24 hours later they sent me the part free of charge. VERY impressed! Thanks to Emma.
I would definitely be using RED5 again.

Fantastic gadget - Review by Jeremy

Bought this recently and am not disappointed. It has crashed into walls, radiators, ceilings, people fairly regularly during the first 12 minute or so flight.Nothing broken yet and we are beginning to get the hang of it.

Terrifies the dog that is always a plus :)

Highly recommended..... but try it outside in calm conditions on your first flights, not as we did...

Heaps of fun! - Review by Paul

My girlfriend bought me the RED5 Quadcopter as a "stocking filler" for my birthday and it's incredibly good fun!
It all looks a bit fragile and flimsy in the box but it's designed to be light-weight and manoeuvrable and is actually incredibly tough. Mine ended up belly-up on concrete from 20ft on it's maiden flight, where it has been on countless occasions since and, after flipping back over, seems to suffer little more than few scuffs.
Despite some punishment I've yet to snap any blades but they're easily replaceable and there's a spare set in the box. If you need more spares they are pretty cheap from the RED5 web site, along with replacement arms, spare batteries etc.
It is 4-channel remote control so takes some mastering so you will be grateful for the sensitivity modes. That said, I would advise you IGNORE the advice in the instructions, which recommend you start at the default setting of 20%, which lacks responsiveness so you don't really have much control over it or get visual feedback from the aircraft quickly enough to know what effect your actions are having. While you might want to avoid the full-on 100% sensitivity mode for some time (unless you are a complete nutter!) I'd recommend starting at 40% for the first few flights to get a feel for the controls then get to grips with flying it at 60% for a good balance between control and out-and-out mayhem!
Takes some practice to get to grips with but doesn't require a PhD either!
Overall, an excellent bit of kit which is loads of fun.

Awesome piece of kit!!! - Review by Matthew

My 1st copter, at least 100 crashes before it costing me 5 quid to fix! Need a new arm as about a quarter of the plastic cog that turns the propeller has snapped off from falling at least 40ft, still flies though :) Buy one, you wont be let down!!!!!

Once you get the hang of it. - Review by Jamie

Really fast delivery, ordered it on thursday, it came friday, its great. Once you get the hang of it its quite enjoyable, too windy to play with it outside atm, but perfect indoors, the trick is to turn the control upside down, as all the controls are inverted, easy. Worth every penny :D

Quadcopter - WOW!!! - Review by Duncan

This is my first helicopter - it's really easy to fly and such great fun. Out of the box, turned on and flew around the lounge. I crashed a few times - which is expected - but this proved the strength of the helicopter. My son then had a go (he has flown real aircraft) and was whizzing all around and doing loops... show off!! He told me it requires more subtlety...
Now, after a few days, I can fly and hover without hitting the walls. Can't wait for slightly better weather to get this outdoors.
You do need to order more batteries though as 10 minutes is not enough "play time".
Highly recommend this for anyone "over 50" - and under of course.

Hard, but fun!! - Review by Mark

This is as good a 'copter you can get for the money. You will not be bored - it takes too much concentration to be bored. The video makes this look easy to fly - it's not. It will take practice, space and more practice. Once you manage to fly around a room and land it where you started, you will feel as if you have achieved a massive milestone.
One thing to note - make sure that it is on a flat and level surface when you connect the battery or the gyro will be off and it will not fly properly.
Enjoy many hours of flight.

You Wont Regret It !!!!! - Review by Beaver

With great enthusiasm I unboxed the copter and transmitter, installed the batteries to the transmitter (not included) and placed the copter battery on charge (included and mine came charged ready).
Make sure you plug the battery into the copter while it is on a flat surface so the Gyro knows up really is up!! Turn the transmitter on and off you go.
I have had three flights already and can't wait for my fourth, the Quadcopter is fast and agile and I have successfully managed a few barrel rolls!!!! Great fun even in a small area. Thanks RED5!

quadcopter - Review by Roy

Yes at last I`ve got one - what a lot of fun for such a small got me for Christmas, only testing.... seems to work very well...Dad... Roy Holmes.. thanks RED5....

Awesome! - Review by Mark

This is easily the best remote control toy I've ever played with. Given space, it's unbelievably fast and yet easy to hold full control over. It's also able to perform barrel-rolls and loops when the controls are at their most advanced setting.