R2D2 Desktop Hoover

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R2D2 Desktop Hoover

A droid for your desk

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Product Description

R2D2 is always on hand to help out, be it hacking into the Empire's mainframe or setting fire to battle droids. R2 is the universe's most versatile astro-mech droid and not only battles evil Sith Lords but can also help with more mundane domestic duties too.

If you find yourself with a messy desk, then why not call in R2D2 to give you a hand? R2 sucks in any small particles of mess through his front leg and stores them in his body, leaving your desk nice and clean.

When you need to empty him, simply twist off his head (don’t worry, he won’t mind) and empty the contents into a waste container ready to shoot out of the nearest airlock.

Powered by USB, this handy little desk companion is great for messy eaters or the clean obsessed and after all who doesn’t want a cute mini R2D2 sat on their desk?

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Product Features

  • Officially licensed Star Wars product
  • Desktop vacuum cleaner
  • Sucks up small particles of mess through R2’s front leg
  • Unscrew R2’s head to easily empty contents
  • USB Powered
  • Measures approx. 13cm x 10cm x 10cm

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