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Rainbow Glow String Lights

Because rainbows are greater than fairies

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Product Description

We all know the powerful effects of mood lighting, red for passion, blue for soothing tones and yellow for happiness. But what if we had a mood lighting product with all these colours and more? What if we had a lighting product with all the colours of the rainbow and a hard wearing casing to protect them against the forces of Mother Nature?

The Rainbow Glow String Lights are exactly that. Each and every bulb is covered in a solid PE plastic casing protecting it from freezing temperatures, high winds, rain, snow and even yourself - not like other lights which crumble at your fingertips.  The super bright LED’s work great as a feature light scrunched together or as Christmas decorations, in or outside the house. Plug them in and they will automatically start phasing through the colours of the rainbow.

Product Features

  • Colour phasing LED string lights
  • For uses indoor and outdoor
  • Work in temperatures up to -15 degrees celsius
  • Solid PE plastic construction
  • Exciting bright LED’s
  • Use as a feature light or Christmas decorations
  • Waterproof -  please ensure you use due care when using these outside
  • Weather-proof
  • Extremely durable
  • Small measures approx. 5m (50 bulbs)
  • Small light diameter measures approx. 17mm
  • Large measures approx. 10m (100 bulbs)
  • Large light diameter measures approx. 24mm

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 220~240V
  • Power output: 10.56W
  • Colours phase through white, lilac, purple, pink, blue, turquoise, green, red and orange

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Lovely - Review by Helen

Bought two sets to decorate round a hot tub. They are fabulous. Everyone comments how nice they look. Need some more for of the garden

Love 'em - Review by Michael

Brilliant.... Must get more.

Best fairy lights ever! - Review by Gavin and katie

We bought the longer set from the Leeds store, they're truly awesome. We've recently done up our room and they really tie it together, they give off a really nice glow rather than bright glaring light and as a photographer my girlfriend loves the bokeh they give in photos.

Fantastic rainbow lights! - Review by Neil

Absolutely fantastic. Lighten up your mood. I got these as feature lights in the living room and they never tail to cheer me up.

Holy cow - these are awesome - Review by Tidyspidey

I'm always sceptical about giving something 5 stars, but in all honesty, these are thoroughly deserving. They are simply stunning. If you have even a passing interest in mood lighting, then get these. You won't be disappointed in the slightest. Worth every single penny.

Great Product - Review by CRAIG

I bought these lights from the Birmingham Store they are great and better than the standard Christmas lights you can use them all through the year to brighten up those dull winter months by giving out pleasant colours. Buy them you won't be disappointed.

A Rainbow on a Cloudy Day! - Review by Cat-Chi

These lights are simply stunning!
I have the smaller set & they stretch out to frame one of my bedroom walls giving my room a fresh burst of colour. The bulbs are super bright but also frosted- giving a nice glow rather than glare. I love them, lighting gadgets have always been my favourite & these were a must have as soon as I saw them :)
Total colour overload!!