Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener

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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener

Gives the manliest shave ever

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Product Description

Are you tired of expensive razor blades and uncomfortable shaves? RazorPit razor blade sharpener works with all razor blades and gives you up to 150 shaves with one blade.

With the patented RazorPit and its friction technology, you can remove the residues of hair and skin that makes your blade feel dull. RazorPit makes your razor blade last for up to 150 shaves - it´s just like shaving with a brand new blade every day. At the same time, you save up to 90% on buying new razor blades!

More than 600 million men use razor blades and throw billions of razor blades in the bin every year. But there’s nothing wrong with the blades - they simply need to be cleaned. Production and destruction of razor blades also creates significant pollution and damage the environment. The RazorPit reduces this pollution significantly. Hoorah! RazorPit is also made of recyclable materials that are also approved for use in the food industry.

Product Features

  • Razor blade sharpener
  • Get up to 150 shaves with one razor blade
  • Save up to 90% on razor blades
  • Works with all razor blades
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Perfect gift for dads
  • Measures 15cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm


  • 1 x RazorPit (razor not included)

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