RC Ferrari F430

If you cant afford the real thing

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Product Description

Hands up who would love to own a Ferrari F430? Now hands up who will actually be able to afford one! Not fair is it? The truth is most of us can't afford the insurance never mind the price of the car. Well, the good news is we've found amazing remote control F430's with amazing detail. It's like owning the real thing, only smaller.......and plastic....but still very cool though!

These 1:16 scales RC cars feature digital proportional technology. This means the controls respond to how you use them. Accelerate quickly and so too does the car. Gently accelerate and the car moves slowly. The same also goes for the steering. Not only do these cars look and drive the part, they also have working headlights, brake lights and indicators!

If you want to drive against your friends you can, as it uses tri-band frequencies which is are user selected. Up to 6 cars can race at the same time by simply setting them to A,B and C on two different frequencies.

And finally, unlike the real thing, if you crash these Ferrari's you will be nowhere near as upset!

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Product Features

  • 1:16 scale remote control car
  • 27hz or 4hz frequencies available
  • Tri-band selector
  • Officially licensed product
  • Precision control
  • Digital proportional function
  • Steering trim alignment
  • Professional level handset
  • Working headlights and brakelights


  • 1 x RC car
  • 1 x remote control handset
  • 4 x transmitter batteries
  • 1 x aerial

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Great Buy - Review by Shane

Great RC Car. The product came ready to go with 4 x AA's & 1 9V battery. The high level of detail on the car means it doubles as a good model whilst not in use. Complete with break, indicator and - front headlights --> these can be switched on/off manually. Car shows good speed and was easy to set up and came with instructions. Great price (£20) definitely worth a purchase.