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Product Description

Records have been around for a very long time and if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the music technology that we do today. So we say thank you for the music. Another thing that has been around for a long time is the idea of placemats, reducing the possibility of leaving a big mess all over the table! A very good idea you might say, but not as good as the two combined. That's right hold on to your hats, it's the Record Placemats (oooo that rhymes!)

Ideal for any musician or keen music fan, the Record Placemats are a quick and easy way to liven up meal times with a cheeky sing song. No need to scratch up your table when you have two dish washer safe silicone records to lay down the beats for dinner. Time to put a new spin on dining as you can rock around the clock with these easy to clean, dust resistant placemats.

And when you serve fish, make sure to crank up the Bass!

Product Features

  • Funky record placemats to groove to your food
  • Complete with sleeve packaging
  • Drop some funky beats with your meat
  • Measures approx. 30.5cm in diameter


  • 2 x Record Placemats

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