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101 Things To Do Before You Die

Attempt. Complete. Expire.

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Product Description

Many of us have a bucket list and if you don’t already, then this book will probably have everything you want to do before biting the dust included in it.

You may need to access a millionaire’s bank account to fund all of these activities, as some are rather pricey but we feel that they will definately be worth it. The high ends of the list include joining the 16 mile high club, staying in the best suite in a 5 star establishment, and building your own house. If these are slightly out of your budget then you could also milk a cow, go for a midnight skinny dip or get a tattoo or piercing. Whichever challenge you take on, make sure you remember to fill in the book with the details so when you're old and grey, reminiscing on days gone, you can see exactly what you did to make the rest of your regrets seem a little less heart breaking.

Each page has details on how to perform the activity, spaces for notes and in the top corner, a place for a star sticker to show that you have completed this challenge. All the colour coded sticky stars are found at the back of the book. If there are things that you would like to do that aren’t included in the book then there are a few pages at the back for you to fill in your own quests.

It’s better to regret what you did do rather than what you never did, so have fun, and live the life you’ve always wanted to.

Product Features

  • Essential list of activities
  • 101 tasks to complete before death
  • Variety of challenges
  • Leave notes on each activity
  • Some are easier than others
  • Push yourself to your limit
  • Add sticky stars to completed activities
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 11cm x 2cm

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