101 Things To Do Instead of Playing On Your Phone

Step away from the screen

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Product Description

We have all been told that we spend too much time staring at our phone screens and we know that we should be doing something about it. With this book, you can leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy the little things in life like making a paper aeroplane, drawing a picture or actually interacting with the people around you. Which isn't nearly as scary as it sounds, trust us.

The 101 Things to do Instead of Playing on Your Phone book offers you a fun and imaginative list of things to do whilst on the train or just when you get a free five minutes. Packed full of fun activities, brainteasers, games and life tips, this book will help you to embrace your creative side. So sit back, enjoy and give your eyes a rest from bright screens. Best thing is, the book will never run out of battery!

Product Features

  • Fun activity book
  • Take a step away from technology
  • Imaginative to do list
  • Puzzles, brainteasers and self-help tips
  • Pocket sized book to replace your smartphone
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 11cm x 1cm

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