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Taxidermy can be a fine art when done right, but when it’s done wrong, it can be like seeing the stuff of nightmares.  This book, courtesy of shows us exactly how not to do taxidermy with some of the best worst animals we have ever seen.

When we say bad of examples of taxidermy, we mean spectacularly bad examples! Clearly, getting the eyes right on animals is one of the hardest parts and in this book, you will see plenty of creepy eyes staring back at you. It’s not only the eyes that will be giving you sleepless nights though, this book also includes sinister smiling animals, animals combined with other animals, lambs giving birth to ducks, mice playing poker, inflated orange horses and crotch heavy monkeys. If these creatures have got you feeling inspired, then there is also a helpful guide inside so you can stuff your very own mouse!

Product Features

  • A insight into the world of taxidermy
  • Some of the world’s best worst animals
  • Taken from the website
  • Set into categories including:
    • It’s in the eyes
    • Dynamic poses
    • Grin and bear it
    • Improving on nature
    • Strange anatomy
    • Anthropomorphic
  • Animals spotted from Yorkshire to South Korea
  • Includes a guide to stuffing mice
  • 95 pages
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 15cm x 1cm

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