Crappy Children’s Art

Brutally honest critiques

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Children are terrible artists, we all know that but you can’t tell them. They hand you a piece of paper with some weird scrawl on and expect us to be happy with that. They can’t even colour inside the lines god damn it yet they want you to stick it on your fridge for eternity!

This book pokes fun at all the terrible pictures families and friends have been handed over the years. Every picture is giving a rating by Maddox, the author, who is brutally honest about their inabilities as artists. The creator of wants to treat children like adults and if Van Gogh showed us a picture like some of the things in this book we would cut off his other ear! Crappy Children’s Art has wide selection of so called drawings, letters to teachers and exam questions included in this book, even a Hitler styled Mr. Potato head getting peed in the eye. Those crazy kids!

Please note: the author of this book is rather rude with his critiques and uses a lot of foul language and therefore this book is not suitable for children.

Product Features

  • Terrible children’s art work
  • Exam questions and letters too
  • A lot of accidental phallic drawings
  • Hilariously brutal criticisms
  • Lots of naughty swear words
  • Not for children’s eyes
  • Measures approx. 23cm x 18cm x 2cm

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