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F In Exams

Because sometimes wrong is better than right

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We’ve all been there; you open up your test paper after days on end of revision only to be greeted with a question you don’t have the foggiest idea on how to answer. Do you leave it blank and move on or take a wild stab in the dark? It’s the mavericks that attempted the latter who have provided the world with a book full of belly laughs.

F In Exams proves that sometimes a wrong answer can be just as good as the right answer. In some cases its shows creativity and imagination with no boundaries, and even though technically wrong, deserves the highest of marks for thinking outside of the box. Without wanting to give too much away we’ve included a couple below to wet your appetite.  


Q: What is the highest frequency noise a human can hear?

A: Mariah Carey


Q: Where was Hadrians Wall built?

A: Around Hadrians garden 

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