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The most ridiculous emergency calls

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The majority of us know that dialling 999 is only for the most serious of emergencies, yet there is a small minority of people who don’t seem to fully understand the word ‘emergency’. Instead of buying them a dictionary so they can look up the definition of the word, this book provides a much more interesting view on what exactly doesn’t deserve a call to the emergency services.

With tales such as the boy who called for an ambulance because his poodle looked sad, the man who contacted police because his watch read the same time for three hours and he thought time was standing still and the man who had simply taken too much Viagra – they are all in this book along with many other hilariously stupid stories. 128 pages are filled with sketches and sketchy tales as those dedicated to helping the public are bombarded with calls from idiots.

Product Features

  • Funny book of stupid emergency phone calls
  • Fresh from the idiots of the world
  • 128 pages
  • With pictures
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 13cm x 1cm

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