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How To Swear Around The World

International insults

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Product Description

The worst thing about going abroad is the language barrier. It’s great that you know how to order a drink or ask where the local pool is but sometimes this just isn’t enough.

This book will prepare you for all the fools you will meet on holiday. Swearing at them in English won’t offend them so take this book with you and you will always be ready to insult the internationals. Curses, insults and moustache put downs, scatological expressions and even mothers enjoying intimate relations with dogs – this book covers them all!

Please note: this book is packed with foul language so it’s not suitable for little eyes.

Product Features

  • Multi linguistic book
  • 128 pages of bad mouthing
  • Every bad word you could think of is included
  • Not one for children
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 13cm x 1cm

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