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Hungover Cookbook

For the morning after

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Product Description

That party last night could have been the best party of your life but today you are suffering from the worst hangover of your life. This hangover isn’t going to get any better with age so here’s a book that will not put a stop to, but help cure those heavy heads and turning tummies.

Each and every hangover is different and this book will help you to assess and understand your individual symptoms so you can pick the right recovery recipe for you. At the beginning, there are a few quick multiple choice questions to help you gauge your HR (hangover rating). The book is then split into six different hangover variants. From a breakfast burger, to kedgeree, and fish finger sandwiches, The Hungover Cookbook has tasty treats from all corners of the world. This book will transform your way of dealing with hangovers.

Product Features

  • Hangover cure breakfasts
  • Multitude of recipes from around the world
  • Simple test to gauge your hangover
  • Complied by an amateur chef
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 13cm x 1cm

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