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Insults and Comebacks

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Product Description

Most of us would like to be witty characters, always one step ahead with a hilarious line at the ready. Sadly, the majority of us are slow dim witted hoomans that struggle to form a simple sentence goodly. 

If you can relate to the latter then this book is just what you need. Jam packed with clever and amusing comebacks, this book can either loose or gain you a whole bunch of friends. Armed with insults targeting everything from looks to age, smarts to character, you’ll always be prepared with an appropriate or completely inappropriate retort to anything that is thrown your way. The neat pocket sized Insults and Comebacks book is the perfect prompter to settle any argument.

Product Features

  • Pocket sized book
  • Full of insults and comebacks
  • Always have the last word
  • An insult for everybody
  • Measures approx. 16cm x 10cm x 1cm

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So funny - Review by hoc

Have brought this as a Christmas gift, is really funny and a fab price. Nothing not to like.