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How many times have you been disappointed when you reheat last night’s left overs in the microwave only to find the middle section is still cold? Do you ever become outraged at the uncontrollable bobbing of your straw in a fizzy drinks can? Have you developed an aversion to DIY due to fear for your thumb being whacked with a hammer? If you can say yes to any of these then we feel your pain bro! You aren’t the only one in the world suffering from these mishaps and with this book, we have found a way to solve these every day dilemmas.

The Life Hacks book takes you on a revolutionary journey to make your existence that bit easier. With over 130 amazing hacks stored inside, you will be shocked that you didn’t learn these earlier and have been wasting hours of your life struggling for no reason. Crease free shirts, scissor sharpeners, no dust drilling and our favourite, how to make a lift go straight to your selected floor without stopping at anyone elses!

This handy guide will help you to tackle little annoyances before they turn into bigger problems, using illustrated guides, easy to understand instructions and a dash of humour.

Product Features

  • Handy hints to make life easier
  • More than 130 hacks included
  • Detailed instructions and diagrams
  • Never bash your thumb with a hammer again
  • Perfect for young and old
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 12cm x 2cm

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