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New Edition Urban Dictionary

Freshest street slang defined

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Product Description

Adults have struggled to understand teenagers for many years and thanks to we had an insight into what the hell they were talking about. If a computer or the internet is not always available for you then this book is what you need. The New Edition Urban Dictionary will be a helpful resource for parents trying to understand their kids, for language learners confused by real world English, but most of all, a great place for your entertainment.

None of these definitions were written by Eton educated wordsmiths, but instead by the simple layman who knows the streets better than google maps. Here you will discover the vocabulary of the young urban souls and learn new meanings to words you use daily. From words such as a chairdrobe to a shower tissue, these are all the words and phrases you will need to understand to fit in with the youth of today. This book will take you from A-Z of all the slang terms, colloquialisms, profanity and weird made up words that the urban community has created.

Please note: the youth can be rather extremely crude with their words so the New Edition Urban Dictionary is strictly for over 18’s only.

Product Features

  • Fresh from the hit website
  • Definitions of street slang
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Written by the public
  • Hilarious explanations
  • Get down with the kids
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 13cm x 2cm

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