Sh*t Ground No Fans

The greatest football chants around

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Product Description

If the title of this book wasn’t clear enough for you, this isn’t suitable for young persons as it contains some very naughty, crude and damn right absurd football chants from across the United Kingdom.

Every football club you can think of, from Brighton and Hove all the way up to the premier league teams like Liverpool and Chelsea have songs sung about them or sing songs about other teams. This book has searched across the country to collect as many football chants as possible. Of course, since these are football chants that are particularly rude and contain a lot of foul language. Some are short but sweet, and some are a page or so long but each are equally insulting to the opposing team. Not only is this a book for football fans, but it's a book by football fans so sit back, relax and enjoy the authentic sound of the terraces.

Product Features

  • Compilation of the country’s favourite football chants
  • From little leagues to big names
  • Just as rude as you would expect them to be
  • Written by football fans for football fans
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 17cm x 2cm

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