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The Grumpy Cat Guide

Everything sucks. The end.

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Product Description

You know those self-improvement books, the ones that tell you to seize the day, that life is beautiful, and you are perfect just the way you are? Yeah this isn’t one of them. This book see’s the world through very different eyes. It’s the perfect book for the grumpy amongst us and can be used as a de-motivational guide to everyday life, friendship and more.

Following the miserable life of Tadar Sauce the cat, this book is one of the funniest we’ve read in a long time and features quotes so depressingly blunt you just can’t help but laugh. So if you see a rainbow and smile because someone somewhere is getting rained on then this book is ideal for you to help release that inner grouch.­

Product Features

  • Look at the world through grumpy eyes
  • Featuring the wise words of Tardar Sauce a.k.a Grump Cat
  • Quotes so miserable you can't help but laugh
  • Surprisingly quite a colourful book from something so miserable
  • You probably won't enjoy it, but no one cares.

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